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What to Say When Someone Ghosted you?

We are all aware that it is cowardly to flee from a situation. However, #ghosting is the greatest choice when extremely strange things take place that are more “unwanted” than “interesting.” The act is centered on constraints fairly. When one believes they lack the confidence to address the issue, they will act in this manner. People might call you a coward, but that’s not as awful. The comeback ought to be fiery rather than contrite.

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I want to approach things a little differently today. When I initially started blogging, a buddy of mine requested that I write an article about ghosting. I think I’m ready to address this question now, so here you go, boo! I hope you enjoy it.

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Have you ever felt a connection with someone because of how they made you feel? as though there were no issues. and then suddenly, Poof! They are gone. Hello and welcome to contemporary communication. People will employ the technique of “ghosting” to hide their true feelings from you. You are literally leaving people in a dilemma.

Love has never gone out of fashion.

It’s just…

Lust and ghosting came into trend.


ghost·ing/ˈɡōstiNG/Learn to pronounceSee definitions in:AllBroadcastingElectronicsLiteraturenoun

  1. 1. the appearance of a ghost or secondary image on a television or other display screen.” the display is sharper and less prone to ghosting”
  2. 2. the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”I thought ghosting was a horrible dating habit reserved for casual flings”

When someone you’re dating breaks up with you, they usually send you a text or an email first. But what if they don’t do that? What if they just vanish?

My Thoughts

I think you are self-centered and cowardly if you ghost someone. You would think that since everyone has been the victim of ghosting, they would remember what it’s like to appear silly.

So you may be asking, what do I say to someone who ghosts me?

  1. Go No Contact and live your life (DO NOT REACH OUT WITH A LONG PARAGRAPH)
  2. When they come back because usually do. Express how it was wrong and leave them be. No one has time for games. That’s exactly what ghosting is.

How to deal with being ghosted?

Tell them you’re no longer interested and continue to be the bigger person. You don’t only appear normal; it’s also kind of a dig at his maturity. This demonstrates to him that he is inconsistent. We won’t perform a tit-for-tat. Don’t let a guy who can’t communicate and is inconsistent harm your reputation. Don’t be offended by that person’s inappropriate actions. They are obviously insecure.

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Now find yourself again. What do you enjoy doing? Do you have goals for your career? A business? Put all that energy back towards your beloved.

I can claim with pride that I have never ghosted someone. Why? I am able to communicate and understand how it feels. I’m not emotionally immature either.

 Dig deep in your soul and come out on top.

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Why you may be upset at someone ghosting you?

You can think that the correct ending or closure was not provided. Although they were obviously not feeling the same way, you might have actually been experiencing that person. Respect the deceased, grieve, and move on if they ghost you.

How do you all feel? How do you respond when someone ghosts you? Tell me in the comments section below. Remember to like, comment, share, and follow again!

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