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Its been a while since I have done a post around the topic of fashion. This is more focused on what you should pack when you go on vacation. These are tips that you should keep in mind when going on a trip. The first thing you should consider when you are packing is the location that you are going to. Is the climate dry and hot? Is it bitter cold? I think that you need to check the weather so that you can prepare for your trip.

So, after checking the weather. You want to grab your suitcase (pick a necessary size). I like to start with clothes. Let’s just say I am going somewhere warm. I would first pack a swimsuit.

Even if you are going somewhere during the cold months, I tent to pack a swimsuit because I’m a “what if” type of person, which is good to an extent. There may be a jacuzzi in the hotel you’re staying at, so you never know.

Procrastapacking (n): the act of thinking about packing a suitcase instead of actually doing it.

The next thing I like to do is, pack one more of an outfit than amount of days that I’m staying. So, for example, if I am going on a trip for five days I tend to pack six outfits. And the combination of outfits usually varies. I usually pack a very dressy outfit just in case I go out to a nice fancy dinner. I also pack a workout outfit in case there’s a gym in the hotel.

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You do not need to pack your entire closet, trust me, your clothes will be there when you get back beloved.

Take a moment to sit and think about the out fits you want to pack, before you start to make the mistake we all make, and pull everything out of your closet. Read a book, play some music, or watch a movie as you plan what outfits you may want to pack. This will save you more time than you think. You should consider packing signature pieces because their easy to put together. I have a few post below that can help you.



To help you out a little bit, you’re safe but is at least one pair of jeans, three shirts, and a dress. Jeans can be worn More than once when you’re on vacation. You can dress them up and you can dress them down. Which is why you are so should be bringing one pair of heels and some nice looking gym shoes. I don’t overpack on my shoes just for the simple fact that it takes up more space in your suitcase then you need to be using. So you’re going to wear the gym shoes on the flight or in the car however you’re getting to your trip. And then you put the heels in a suitcase as well.

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Now that you have the outfits picked out. You need to take in consideration of whether you will be on your period ladies. If you are I would pack extra underwear just in case. Because you never now. I like to pack two more and then I’m out of days that I’m staying. So, if I’m going for five days I am going to pack seven pairs of underwear. It may seem like a lot but you’re helping yourself in the long run. I also like to pack one extra bra and a sports bra as well.

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Then what are you sleeping in? I am not a fan of having pajamas on all night. I like a big T-shirt and some shorts. So I picked out a nice pair of shorts and a nice big T-shirt roll it up and put in my bag. Now that you have all the outfits you are set to start putting them in the suitcase. It is better to roll the items instead of fold them. Not only does it help with having more space in your suitcase but it also helps with not having wrinkled clothes. Once those are in the bag. We are going to move onto toiletries.

For my toiletries I pack a travel size toothpaste/ toothbrush and mouthwash. I packed travel size body wash organic of course. I don’t have to wash my hair every day so I don’t pack shampoo and conditioner all the time. And then pack facial wash toner and everything for my skin care routine. Travel size of coarse. I also packed my make up bag but not everything goes. I’ll pack what I need for an every day face. Because you really don’t need to do an extravagant make up look for a vacation. Nine times out of ten, I’m not wearing make up all the time when I’m on vacation. 

I also pack my own towels. This is just for my sake because I am very big on avoiding germs and things of that sort. So I pack my own face towel in my own shower towel. I also pack a body spray, comb and brush of course, and tampons just in case.I also pack my own towelsI also That is really all I need. I don’t want to bring too much just for the simple fact that you don’t really use everything if you overpack when you go.

This is the reason why I am putting an emphasis on not packing a lot. If you are anything like me, you love to shop,. Where are you going to put all the things that you buy if you don’t have room in your suitcase? This is the reason why less is more. The less you pack the more you can buy when you go out of town.This 

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I hope you have learned a lot from this post. And this was mainly about just what I pack in my suitcase, my carry-on is a different story and honestly it’s not a lot either. I can do another post if you would like. Comment Down below what your must have is on vacation when it comes to packing.

Thank you for reading another post! I look forward to seeing you on the next one. Feel free to comment below, like, subscribe, and share this post with people who you know need to hear or read this

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  1. Procrastapacking..I need to get out of the habit of doing that. I say i’m going to pack but things don’t get done until the day I leave smh. Great post! 😊

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