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What is a ****Boy?

“Yeah, I’m the reason why you always gettin’ faded, take a shot for me.”



A dangerous epidemic needs to be discussed. Fuckboy disease is on the rise. You hardly ever run into a guy who isn’t. Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception, lovelies. I frequently discuss subjects that encourage people to develop. So make sure you’re signed up below!

What is it?


A boy who plays with girls’ feelings and doesn’t really like them and would do say anything a girl wants to hear to have sex with them or to get something they want. Fuckboys know what girls want to hear but they hurt so many girls. Once they are a fuckboy, they always will be a fuckboy. If you know a guy is a fuckboy, don’t fall for him. Usually, fuckboys are cute so yeah and you usually can tell if they are a fuckboy by how they dress and act. He is kinda like a player and hoe

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I want to share my Side

The words and phrases that our generation has created just make sense, whether you think of “The streets” or “ghosting.” Even though this group has recently been given a name, many men have been in it for years. I’m going to discuss the kind of guys who cause so many heartbreaks. The individual is infamous for donning several masks. The ****boy.

Traits of a ****boy

He makes many promises but keeps none of them.

He talks about sex a lot.

Has a manipulative nature; he makes you feel bad if you refuse him or disagree with him.

Never introduces you to their family or friends.

Pretends to be assured but is actually quite insecure

These are just a few of many traits to describe these people. The ****boy will sell you a dream that they don’t plan on keeping.

Have I ever Dated one?

Unfortuanlty I spent some quality time with a ****boy. He made as much use of me as he could. such as boosting his ego or boosting his confidence Your objectives may have been to provide a kind, caring support for them, but they may have had different goals in mind. He would take me out, and we would do a lot of things to make me feel comfortable and at peace. Things are going well with this gentleman. I had no idea that he had not intended to be there for the long term. It’s terrible because he could have given me the option to decide whether I wanted to do something informal. He wore a mask and unfortunately I did a time it caught me off guard when he revealed his true self.

Moral of the Story

I’d advise being cautious before giving a guy your all until you get his whole attention. Instead of persisting, look for someone who is consistent. The dating streets are harsh, but if you get the hang of the game, things can go more smoothly. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Be sure to subscribe and tell a friend about it.

2 thoughts on “What is a ****Boy?

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with the description…but I think even worse than an Fboy, is the FBoy who thinks of himself as a nice guy. They are harmful AF and even harder to get over because you don’t see it coming. So in a nutshell, yep, these dating streets are tough.

    Nice read! Following!

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