What do they mean when they say “the one that got away”


The one that got away. That’s what they call the fish they eat, right? Wrong! When we say “the one that got away,” we mean a person who didn’t return our texts or calls when we were trying to get back together with them.

The (now) ex

The (now) ex.

This is someone who was once your partner, but now they are not. You may be thinking: “What does this have to do with the one that got away?” Well, it turns out that these two phrases can be used interchangeably and have different meanings depending on how you use them.

The one who got away because of a missed opportunity

A missed opportunity is when you had a chance to be with someone and you didn’t take it. Whether it was because of fear, or because something better came along and took your attention away from them, it’s still there. You can still feel the regret in your heart as if it were yesterday—and maybe even now!

Maybe you saw their face once, but didn’t say hello or introduce yourself properly. Maybe they were busy with work or school, so all of your interactions were limited to passing glances across the room at each other during lunch breaks in between classes and study sessions (or late at night when everyone else was asleep). Maybe they had another relationship going on behind closed doors while yours was being conducted publicly out loud—and then suddenly disappeared one day without explanation or warning…

The one who got away because of a mix-up

You were at a restaurant, and you saw someone who looked like your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other. You were excited to talk to them, but then it turned out that they weren’t single after all. They had another partner! This can happen when two people are in relationships with each other and one person leaves their partner (or vice versa).

Or maybe you thought you were into someone but later found out that they weren’t interested in dating anyone at all—you just seemed like an option for them because of how much time the two of you spent together during the year or so before their breakup happened.

And finally, sometimes we’re attracted to people who aren’t necessarily interested in us back; this happens especially when we’re younger rather than older–that said: if someone tells me “no”, then there’s no point pursuing anything further beyond whatever friendship ties might still exist between us.”

The one who got away because of bad timing

You were at different stages in your lives and careers, so the time was just wrong. The timing wasn’t right for you to be together.

You might have been too young or too old. You could have been at a different stage in your life (married, divorced). Or perhaps there were other things holding you back from making it work with this person: maybe they had kids and couldn’t move out of their house; maybe they didn’t want kids right away; maybe they were focused on other things like their career or schoolwork—and that’s where all their energy went instead of spending time with someone else who would make them feel happy every day!

The one who got away because your family didn’t approve

  • Sometimes, your family can be wrong.
  • Sometimes, they’re right.
  • But most of the time, your family isn’t the most important thing in life—and you shouldn’t let them make decisions for you based on their own biases and opinions.

The one who ghosted you, and then came back

Ghosting is the act of disappearing without warning. It’s not just a dating term, though: if you’ve ever been ghosted by someone and then found out that they were still talking with other people on Facebook or Twitter, it was probably ghosting.

Ghosting can happen to anyone at any time—it’s not just an issue with relationships. If you’ve ever been ghosted by a friend or family member (especially someone close), chances are good that you’ll want revenge on them someday soon!

But what do these terms mean when they’re being used in conversation? What exactly does “the one who got away” mean?

The one who got away because of the long distance

The one who got away because of the long distance.

You were so close, but something happened and you didn’t make it. You’re left wondering why. This can be a difficult situation to deal with and often leads to feelings of regret and self-pity, which only makes things worse! Here are some tips for how you can overcome this issue:

When people talk about “the one that got away” they’re talking about someone they loved or cared about but couldn’t make it work with.

When people talk about “the one that got away,” they’re talking about someone they loved or cared about but couldn’t make it work with. They might have been a good match and all, but something happened that made the relationship fall apart.

The reason why so many people believe in The One That Got Away is because it’s an easy way to explain sadness and longing for something you can’t have—like love or happiness. But there are other ways to deal with those emotions: by crying into your pillow, drinking yourself into oblivion, or writing poems about how much you miss him/her (and maybe even sending them out into the world).


So what you can take from this is that usually a lot of the times when you have the one that got away, life got in the middle of your relationship. Sometimes things work out and you guys come back together and other times it happen for a reason. I want to know if you guys have the one that got away. Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to like and share. Also be sure you are subscribed.

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