ripe lemons on creased bed sheet in sunlight

What are your thoughts?

I meant what I said & I said what I meant

Hey, what’s up, guys!

I wanted to do something al little bit different. I wanted to get to know my audience. Below will be a few polls and I want you to answer honestly. Before you start, do not forget to subscribe and join the family!

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama.

interior of modern workplace with laptopripe lemons on creased bed sheet in sunlight

I want to make quizzes occasionally. What did you think about this post? Let’s discuss some of the questions. Expand on one of the questions below and let’s discuss! Also, don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

2 thoughts on “What are your thoughts?

  1. I can go on a rant about low maintenance friendships… they just aren’t for me. I need friends who respect me enough to not ghost me when they are bored or upset, but I also can’t deal with the friend that wants to meet up every day. It’s all about balance.
    Took the quiz on “are you meant to be together” and had a good laugh. Hubby and I were married 6 months after we started dating and we are 3 years in and still very happy. Unsurprisingly, your quiz led me to that answer too lol.
    Did I miss the poll?

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