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Why Spotify Wrapped is the Greatest thing

Spotify Wrapped (White Noise Wednesday)

Spotify wrapped is the greatest thing. It’s a way to see how many different genres of music you listen to, and it can help you discover new artists or songs that you might not have heard before. It reminds me of the first time I heard some of my favorite artists and songs on Spotify, which was years ago when they first came out. The amount of time spent listening can be shocking at first glance but really shows how much music your friends listened to over the course of one year—and also how much time they spend listening overall! Spotify Wrapped.

It’s a great way to see how many different genres you listen to

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify wrapped is a great way to see how many different genres you listen to. It can be shocking, fun, and even useful in our daily lives!

It’s also a great way to compare your music taste with your friends. If they say they like country music but you only listen to metalcore or rap-rock then there are probably some things that need changing on their end before we can agree on something together (or at least get along).

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It’s perfect for comparing music taste with your friends

Spotify wrapped is a great way to compare music taste with your friends. You can see what genres they like, see what songs they like, and even see what artists they listen to. This helps you discover new music and find out which bands or albums are worth checking out the next time you’re at the store.

It takes you back to when you first heard some of your favorite songs and artists

Spotify wraps is a great way to remember the first time you heard a song or artist. It takes you back to when music was new, exciting, and different from what was already out there.

It reminds us of our younger years when everything was new and exciting! When we were in college or high school, we had no idea what kinds of sounds would come out of our speakers as we listened through Spotify’s catalogs on repeat mode all day long (and night).

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You’re probably going to learn some new artists/songs to add to your playlist

Spotify Wrapped is a great way to discover new music, as well as find new artists and songs. The app will show you what you listen to the most and make recommendations based on that data. You can also see the most popular tracks in each genre, which may help narrow down your search if there are any tracks that really catch your eye.

It’s also worth mentioning that Spotify Wrapped is not just for listening—you can also create playlists from within the app!

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Looking at the amount of time spent listening can be shocking

As a music lover, it’s easy to get lost in the music you listen to—and that can be both good and bad. The good news is that Spotify wrapped provides a way to see exactly how much time you spend listening. The bad news? It only tells you how much time you spend listening overall rather than what genre or artist is most popular among your playlists.

If we were able to look at individual songs or artists with this feature, however, it would be much more useful as a motivational tool for discovering new artists and genres that might interest us. For example: looking at my Spotify library of over 20k songs revealed that I tend to listen almost exclusively (92%) to classic rock tracks from bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd; whereas 90% of my playlist consists of hip hop artists such as Drake & J Cole (who are actually pretty similar!). This can help give insight into what type of music appeals most specifically towards each person’s tastes—and hopefully, inspire some new discoveries along the way!

Remembers some of the best memories of the year

Spotify wrapped is an amazing way to remember some of the best moments of the year. You can see all the songs that you listened to, and what made them so great for you. You can also see which days were better than others, or how many times on average you listened per song over time.

For example: I have been using Spotify Wrapped since August 2019 and it has been really helpful in helping me keep track of my favorite music as well as keeping track of what songs I have been playing recently (and even more recently). The app also gives me a general idea about how often I listen each week/day/hour etc., making it easy for me to decide whether my current playlist needs refreshing or not!

Spotify wrapped reminds me why I love music and helps me discover more music that I’ll fall in love with.

Spotify wrapped is a great way to discover new music. You can see how much time you spend listening to music, which genres you’re into and what playlists are most popular with your friends

It’s also a good way to compare your music taste with others.


Spotify wrapped is the best way to discover new music and follow your personal taste. I love listening to it when I’m out at the gym, driving around town, or even just chilling in my room. If you’re looking for something that will help expand your playlists then you need Spotify wrapped!

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