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My Favorite Fashion posts lately

Hey loves, welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception,

For those of you who are new, you should know how much I am into fashion. Don’t believe me? Look below. I just think how cool it is to get a sense of someone based on how they express themselves through clothing.

Fashion Wishlist – Summer Edition but Lifestyle Season

This was a great read that help spark some outfit ideas in my mind. You guys should read it too.

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Why Are Ethical Fashion Important? 4 Reasons To Shop Consciously.

Let’s do the work and understand the rights and wrongs about

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My Summer Fashion Essentials!

rolls of assorted fabrics and textiles and sewing patterns inside tailor atelier
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How To Look Classy – 13 Style Tips | Expensive On A Budget

assorted apparel and accessories for dress sewing in tailor atelier
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Please tell me some good fashion blogs to follow, I look forward to reading their posts!, I hope to see you on the next post!

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