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Let’s Talk About Hindsight and Catch 22

Let’s talk about what hindsight and catch-22 is

What is hindsight?

This is late, so we should probably talk about what was said in a previous last blog post. I am always referring to terms as such and I thought I would talk about two today! But First, if you are new here, be sure you are subscribed below!


The above is a very simplistic way of looking at it, but the truth is, that hindsight can be a blessing and a curse. Hindsight is 20/20 when you’re looking back on your past mistakes and failures. Hindsight tells us what we could have done better and where we made our mistakes so that we don’t make them again in the future. But sometimes having this knowledge only makes us feel worse about ourselves; it’s not like hindsight actually makes our bad decisions go away or gives us any tools for fixing them now that they’ve happened!

With hindsight comes clarity: You know exactly how everything played out in your life up until this point, which means everything else from here on out must be better than what came before it—right? Well…maybe not always! It all depends on whether or not you choose to use that clarity as an opportunity for growth or if you simply become bitter over how things turned out because of how much worse things could have been–and therefore should have been–before everything fell apart completely.

Catch 22

You can’t win. You can’t quit. You can’t get out, and you can never be sure of anything.

This is the theme of Catch-22, a novel by Joseph Heller that tells the story of a group of airmen during World War II. The title refers to an absurd regulation in military law that states that one must be crazy to fly combat missions and sane enough not to ask for a discharge after doing so—a contradictory state which cannot exist and therefore makes any contention based on it invalid under military law.


Life is a gift.

Life is a curse.

Life is a struggle.

Life is beautiful, and life can be cruel, but it’s always worth living no matter what your circumstances might be because if you don’t live life to its fullest potential then what are you even doing with your time here on earth?

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In the End

There are two ways to look at the past. In hindsight, life is a series of events that have led you to where you are now. In a catch-22, things that once seemed impossible are now inevitable. It’s easy to say we should have done this or that when we’re in the middle of a situation. But in the heat of the moment, we often forget about the things we wished we’d done. Try to live in the moment.


This post was meant to be a quick introduction to these two concepts. If you want more information, there are many great resources online that can help. We hope this article is informative and will help you understand the difference between hindsight and catch-22! Subscribe below! Also, I am giving advice on help for anything if you are a subscriber. So ask your question!

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