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How to Get Motivated for the Gym

Introduction to the New You

Starting with Health & Fitness

If you want to be motivated to go to the gym, you need to make the gym part of your life, not just some passing fad or trend. Health & Fitness is important. Here are some tips for making working out a part of your lifestyle:

Set goals.

  • Goals need to be measurable. If you can’t measure the results of your training, then it’s not going to help you reach your goal.
  • Goals also need to be specific and achievable—you don’t want something that is so far out of reach that there’s no chance at all of achieving it!
  • Your goals should be realistic so that they’re achievable within the time frame given. Goals that don’t require superhuman effort or resources (like gym memberships).
  • Write down all your goals on paper, either in bullet form or as checklists. Share these with other people who can help keep them alive when motivation wanes

Find a workout buddy (or three).

Getting motivated to go to the gym is easier if you have a workout buddy. For one thing, it’s more fun to go with someone else! You can also make sure that your workout plan is not just a solo effort. Do this by bringing along friends or family members who will keep you accountable. There are plenty of people who will do this.

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Try working out in the morning.

The best time to get your workout done is in the morning. It’s easier to make excuses for not working out at night. You can say that it’s too hot, or whatever else is going on in your life at that moment. But if you work out in the morning, you are more likely to stick with it! You will have fewer distractions and can just focus on getting yourself through your workout before heading off into the day’s activities.

Plan your week.

Planning your week will help you make sure you get to the gym every day, at the right time, and in the right place.

  • Make sure that each day has a specific goal for exercise and nutrition. For example, if one week is all about strength training, then another week could be all about cardio training. With some strength work thrown in. This way it’s easier to plan ahead and know what kind of workout routine works best for your body type and goals.
  • Take into consideration any activities other than just going to the gym. Such as going out with friends or spending time with family members who aren’t fitness fanatics themselves!
business plan printed on paper on a clipboard
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Dress the part.

When you’re dressing for the gym, it’s important to remember that your clothes can make or break your day. You might feel confident about yourself when wearing a nice blouse and leggings. But if those same items are too baggy or unflattering, they’ll undermine your efforts at feeling good about yourself.

There are many ways to get around this problem: buy them from thrift stores; sew them yourself; or find someone who makes custom clothing (like my friend’s husband). However, if all else fails and you need something in a hurry. And let’s face it: we all do sometimes. There are plenty of options available online (or even right here in our own neighborhood).

Join a group exercise class.

Join a group exercise class.

Group fitness classes provide you with the perfect environment for socializing, learning new things, and getting a better workout—and they’re great motivators too! You’ll meet new people who share your interest in fitness, which helps keep you going when it’s time to work out again.

Plus, if one of your friends quits the class because they don’t like it or are just not motivated by it (which happens). Then maybe that person would have stayed if there had been more people around them who were also into what they were doing? This can be especially true if there’s someone else at the gym who looks like they’re having fun while working out—and maybe even smiling while doing so!

Don’t focus on losing weight.

You may be tempted to focus on the scale. But don’t. Instead, focus on getting stronger and healthier—and if that means losing weight, more power to you!

The best way to achieve this is by focusing on one thing at a time: getting stronger is one thing; staying fit is another; making sure your body has enough energy for your workouts is still another (and so on).

Have a reward waiting for you afterward.

  • Have a reward waiting for you afterward. For example, if you’re working out at the gym and have been pushing yourself hard, have something that’s more relaxing than your usual routine waiting for you when you finish up. If it’s an item from the local fitness store or some other type of food, make sure it tastes great!
  • Reward yourself with something new: A new outfit? A massage? Something else entirely? The possibilities are endless—and they can be anything from buying things online (like clothes and shoes) to getting tickets to see a show in town or even just sitting down on the floor with friends who love to go shopping together!

Know your “why.”

  • Understand why you want to go to the gym
  • Know what you want to achieve
  • Be able to explain your goals to others (and yourself)
  • Know what motivates you, drives you, and makes up your passion.

Listen to music.

Music can help you get into the zone, focus on your workout and make the time go by faster. And it’s not just about listening to upbeat songs that give you energy: there are many other ways to listen to music during workouts. For example, try using headphones with a built-in playlist that has motivational lyrics or even just silence!

Another great way is through a mix of different types of music—a blend of genres will allow for even more variety than if you were only listening to one type like hip hop or rock ‘n roll (or whatever).

You could also try playing some instrumental tracks so that they don’t distract from what’s happening in class. These types tend not only to have no words but also no vocals which make them perfect for working out!

Mix it up.

Mix it up. When you’re at the gym, don’t stick to one type of exercise for too long. If you do this, your body will get used to it and feel tired when you switch back again. You’ll be less motivated because it feels like there’s no point in exercising since nothing else is working for me!

Instead, mix up your routine so that each day there’s something different going on. Maybe some strength training one day and then yoga or Pilates the next. This will help keep every part of your body from getting bored with one particular kind of workout! Don’t forget about home as wel. Try doing some squats while watching television or reading something fun online. Get active instead of just sitting there staring at walls all day long (which would also be boring).

If you want to be motivated to go to the gym, you need to make the gym part of your life

Not just some passing fad or trend.

If you want to be motivated to go to the gym, make the gym part of your life. Not just some passing fad or trend.

Making a commitment is only half the battle; you also have to stick with it long enough that it becomes an intrinsic part of who you are and what makes up who you think of yourself as being. When I first started working out regularly as an adult (it took me about six months).

My goal was simply “to get back in shape,” but there were so many factors preventing this from happening—lazy habits, lack of motivation, etc. That even though I did try hard for months on end without any success whatsoever, I still didn’t feel like myself again until I had made up my mind about where I wanted my life heading toward fitness!


These are just a few easy ways to help get you motivated to go to the gym. As you can see, there’s a lot more than just buying new clothes and exercising. You have to make it a priority in your life. Find other people who share your passion for fitness. Then keep yourself on track by setting goals and taking action towards them every day.

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