How is your Vision Board looking?!

Create a vision that makes you want to jump out of bed everyday.

Hey guys welcome back! How are you? It’s been a year but we’re getting through it.

As you can see by the title we are Talking about vision boards today. I love making these because it lets me bring up my creative side and organization skills are usually vision boards for me but there’s never a wrong time to either update your vision board or make one. So I want to help you and Layout how to create yours and give you a few ideas! 

First, you want to brainstorm what you would like to focus on and accomplish. And remember no dream is ever too big. So think about your biggest aspirations and keep that noted so you can add that to your vision. once you have that list begin your search for those pictures that perfectly represent those dreams. Rather it be on Pinterest or in a magazine. You can even have a color scheme in mind.

Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel.

– Rhonda Byrne

Once you have all of your pictures and material set, we can start laying out your vision board in the way you would like. Many use just a posterboard but I chose to get a glass picture frame just because of how clean I like my room tonight. And I can always switch things out and change in my vision board at any time I choose. 

Below you will see a picture of my vision board and I guess I’m also sharing with you my goals as well. I obviously won’t go into depth About which each section represents however you can get Kruse a patent layers out and vision things.


I hope you get ideas and start planning out your goals. Obviously, you cannot control your future however you can have goals and things you want to work hard to achieve and it gives you something to work for in life.

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