2 Ways to Lose Someone’s Trust

I trusted you. But now your words mean nothing because your actions spoke the truth

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I hope everyone is doing well! I’m back with a. new topic that may spark conversations. Have you ever lost trust in someone? No one is perfect but have, you ever lost so much respect for someone due to betrayal?

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You know what they say: It’s hard to build trust, but easy to break it. I honestly believe that trust is a concept that is hard for most to grasp. I also believe that your word is your bond. So when someone gives me their word that or to do something or they’re going to help, I’m taking their word for it, meaning I trust them. So if they happen to let me down, I am kind of upset. Why because I trusted that person to not let me down.

So what exactly is trust?




  • 1.firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something

I have learned the hard way that having trust in certain people for certain situations can be a big let down. Sometimes you build things up so much the real thing can’t possibly live up to expectations. I’ve learned that I can really only fully trust God. I do have hope that others actions match their words but I’m cautious.

Honesty saves everyone’s time

You know what’s hard? Keeping up a lie. When you tell one lie, you have to tell another in order to keep that lie going. You also have to remember the lie. The truth is much easier. I always remember the quote from one of my favorite tv shows, during a lie detector scene. “When you lie, you use your imagination, When you tell the truth, you use your memories”. I say that to bring up my main points.

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There are two ways to break trust with someone. Way number one is to lie. Now this one is a given, just for the simple fact, that everyone lies. But to blatently to lie for no reason is beyond me. A lot of people choose to lie because they are afraid to hurt someone with the truth. But with the lie, you’re getting the same outcome, someone who no longer trusts or respects you. It’s better to just tell the truth because to be honest, the truth will eventually come out anyway.

The second way, is to withhold information. Have you ever had someone tell you the truth but with as little informations as possible? What I mean by that, is not fully tell the full story, leaving out information that is important and influence the outcome. All I am saying is that not telling someone something that may possibly be important for them to know can cause just as much pain as telling them a lie. Both leading to the destroying of trust.

What I am saying, is to be careful with your actions. It can destroy trust.

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.

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