10 things I can’t live without

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.

Hey guys welcome back!

So I thought I do a little bit of a fun post this time just because most of my pills have been pretty serious lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but there are happy times in my life as well! So on YouTube I love watching G cute videos asking celebrities what their top 10 things are that they can’t live without. And I thought I do one myself just because I think it’s really interesting seeing someone’s personality based off the top 10 things they can’t live without so without further do let’s get started!

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God: I honestly would not be anything without him. I was raised in church and feel so lost without him. He’s my Heavenly Father and I don’t have a relationship any stronger than that one.

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Candles: Anyone who knows me knows that I have maybe 10 candles in my room at all times. Just because candles relax me and I love the smells that I choose. It’s also fun shopping for them and trying out new cents. And I found myself sitting in my room with nothing but candles lit and a good playlist playing.

Water: One of the only things I drink is water. Mainly room temperature but if it’s super hot outside or I’m extremely parched I will drink a nice glass of ice water. And despite what a lot of people say not all taste the same!

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Journal:So I will write a lot just to let out my emotions. This is because I really don’t have anywhere else to let my emotions out so it’s a good therapy session with Me and myself. This helps me not to let my emotions about it too much like I used to, or I will stress over how much I’m dealing with.

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Laptop: I see my laptop because first of all, I worked very hard to buy it myself and second, I literally do everything on it. For you guys to listen to music, to working out, watching movies. You will really catch me actually watching TV on a television, I rather watch it on my laptop.

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Tea and honey: besides water, this is what you will find me drinking. It is actually my weakness. Hot tea and iced tea, I’m not picky. Tea is also good for your health, each kind doing something different but great for your body.

Heating Pad: so not many can relate but this is my best friend when it’s my time of the month. I also stress a lot and the stress resides in my back so this helps my muscles relax.

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Lipgloss: I could literally go without makeup as a whole. I just need lipgloss and sunglasses. My favorite at the moment is Glass Slipper by Fenty Beauty Shout out to RIRI!💋

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Cheeze It’s: My ultimate favorite snack food! Cheddar Jack to be specific. But I’m not picky with the flavor. Spicy is my go to. (Hot Cheetos are my other go to).

Epsom Salt:  Like I said, I try to find ways to relax, so I love taking bubble baths with Epsom Salt. They are so relaxing.

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What would you say are the top 10 things you guys cannot live without? I’m very curious! Thank you for tuning in for a nap their post and I look forward to seeing you on the next one! Be sure to like, comment, subscribe, and share! Other than that I have an amazing week!

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