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White Noise Summer

Why wait for the loss of hearing to appreciate sound? Turn off the white noise of your thoughts and start to listen. Bella Bathurst

Hey Loves and Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception,

Today is Wednesday!!! You know what that means?! White Noise Wednesday.

To those who are new, this is a part of my blog, where I give you music selections and playlists. White is my last name and white noise has its own meaning.

White Noise

white noise/ˌ(h)wīt ˈnoiz/Learn to pronouncenounPHYSICS

  1. noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities.
blue headphone
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The Playlist

I created a playlist to blast in your car or home this Summer. I want you to live your best life this Summer!

White noise is aperiodic sound

I hope you all enjoy the playlist! Be sure to like, comment, share, and Subscribe!

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