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What to do when he doesn’t want you but won’t let you go

What to do when he doesn’t want you but won’t let you go (unrequited love)

If you’re reading this article, I’m going to guess that the guy you love doesn’t love you back. Unrequited love. Maybe he does, but he’s just not ready for a relationship. Maybe he’s scared of commitment or worried about how his friends will react. Or maybe he’s actually an asshole who doesn’t want anyone to be happy except himself. No matter what the reason may be, it sucks when someone doesn’t want to be with you.

Because they don’t see how amazing they could be with you instead! I’ve been there and trust me: It hurts like hell! But have no fear! There are plenty of things that I wish someone had told me when I was in this situation… The unrequited love situation.

Be kind to yourself.

  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Don’t let him take advantage of you.
  • Don’t give ultimatums, even if it seems like the only way he’ll ever leave you alone and stop bothering you with his feelings for another woman (or man). Ultimatums are manipulative and unfair; they will only make things worse in the long run.
  • Don’t be a doormat. That doesn’t mean standing up for yourself by being an asshole either! Just remember that kindness is always better than cruelty, even when someone has hurt or betrayed us deeply. It’s our job as humans to treat each other well no matter what happens between us on our journey through life together here on Earth!

Do not give ultimatums.

Do not give ultimatums.

This is a common mistake. You think that if he doesn’t change, then you’ll leave him and find someone who will treat you better. But the truth is that this will only push him away more and make it harder for him to change his ways because now he feels like he has something to lose. You! Instead of threats, focus on being a better person yourself: learn how to communicate effectively with others (especially when they’re difficult), practice patience with yourself and others around you. And focus on doing things that make YOU happy rather than trying to please other people all the time. The list goes on!

Stay strong in your decision to let him go.

If you’re feeling guilty about your decision to let him go, don’t. You are doing the right thing for yourself. If he doesn’t want to be with you. Then it’s silly to waste time worrying about what he will think or do.

You may have feelings for this person and miss them when they’re not around, but that doesn’t mean that any relationship between the two of you could ever work out in a healthy way. There is no point in trying anymore if he isn’t interested in pursuing something serious with you. It won’t work! And even if things did work out between the two of you (which would be amazing), there would probably always be these underlying issues that keep popping up whenever things got rough between the two of them. And eventually, those issues would cause problems within their relationship too; so why bother starting something like that?

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Value yourself more than anything else.

The most important thing you can do is value yourself more than the relationship.

You are worth more than a toxic relationship, and the pain of being in one that is not working. You’re worth more than someone who doesn’t respect you or appreciates you for who you are. If your partner won’t treat you with love and kindness, then it may be time for both of you to move on from each other so that each of your lives can be enriched by better relationships with people who respect them as much as they deserve!

Have a backup plan in case he doesn’t let you go.

You need to be prepared for the worst. If he doesn’t let you go, then you’ll have to fight for your life. You need a backup plan in case he doesn’t let you go. And if he does let you go and things work out between the two of them (which is unlikely), then at least there will still be some good memories from your time together that can last forever!

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You have the power to be happy and healthy even if someone else is not ready to do so with you.

You have the power to be happy and healthy even if someone else is not ready to do so with you.

You can’t control whether or not he comes back, but you can control how much time and energy you spend on him. You don’t have to wait for him in order to be happy!

If he doesn’t come around and want a relationship, then let go of him so that someone else who does can come into your life.

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Learn more about unrequited love at the link below:–QojO7PzOosYO6NTzG


We hope that you have found some useful tips for dealing with a toxic relationship. Remember that if someone is not ready to let go of their past, it’s not your responsibility to make them do so. You are worthy of happiness and love regardless.

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