Smart Dating Rules for Avoiding Dead-End Relationships

Hey Loves, Happy Blogmas!

I’m glad you’re back on my blog. We’re back, as the title indicates. As I wrap up the book, I thought I’d add a few additional pointers. It’s quite challenging for me to read and work on many days over the holidays. I apologize for writing this book so close to December. However, the author offers us some tips on how to stay away from short-term partnerships. This is, in my opinion, excellent advice that we may all follow, and I’ll add my own observations. That should come as no surprise. So take a pen and paper, some coffee or tea, and stay tuned.

Tip 1: “Do not move in with a man”

I 100% agree.

Personally, I believe that should be far past the expiration date. The writer states, “Men must have the mentality that “we must make this work” in order to be willing to make the sacrifices required to make a relationship successful. A guy can leave a woman as soon as the problems in the relationship become too much for him to handle if there are no significant costs associated with being with her, whether they be financial, social, or emotional.” Men value their investments more, as I keep pointing out.

Tip 2: “Do not date a married man”

This is s given. I’m not even going to go into this.

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Step 3: “Be a man’s ‘mountain’ not his ‘stepping-stone”

I interpret this to mean that a man must strive for it. demand perseverance and growth. Great things don’t happen overnight. Now, keep in mind that an author is a male, thus we get his viewpoint. Therefore, get ready before reading the next section.

In most cases, a “stepping stone” woman is the one that helps a man, so to speak, achieve the pinnacle of his game. She is the lady who many guys use as a means to an end. She is the kind of woman who will steadfastly stand by and support her man until the very end, at which point he deserts her in favor of his “mountain” lady.

Tip 4: “Date with a clear purpose in mind.”

This is self-explanatory. Remember what you want and your boundaries.

Just a few

These are a few of the important tips. But I did not want to share too much of the book and ruin it for you all. Check out this book or give it as a gift to someone you think will enjoy it. Be sure to like, comment, subscribe and share.

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