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Sincerely Yours

Her last words.

Playing in my head as I stare…

Joi White

There’s nothing like a Rainy Autumn day. Where you sit by the fireplace with a cup of tea or coffee and read your favorite book! Recently, I took a moment to reread my work and see how my perspective has changed on the experiences I endure in this book.

Believe me…They have!


Hey Loves, Welcome Back to Joi’s Journey of Perception

The more you grow! Go with the waves!

It’s great to hear people’s feedback about my book! It gives me great pleasure to announce that so many people have said this book evokes emotions in them that they didn’t know existed. If you aren’t current with this book, you definitely need to catch up before the next one. 

Where can I find the book?

This book is located on Amazon. If you want a sample, that is offered. Which I highly recommend.

What is it about?

As I read through my Diaries, I immersed myself in the thoughts I had recorded there. The stories we all have to share deserve to be heard. You will never be able to tell how deeply I have been affected simply by looking at me. Hopefully, my story will educate others about the importance of having compassion. 

Be ready to go on a wave of emotions with me! Check it out in the store on my site or click the link I embed! I hope you all enjoyed it.

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We’re getting near the announcement of the winner! Do not miss your chance to win. Take a quick second and read the post embedded below, because I do have a giveaway going on. This is one thing that you do not want to miss out on.

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nature sand water wave

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