People Avoid you when they know they treated you wrong

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The silent treatment is characterized by a group of behaviors with the objective of ignoring the other. … Engaging in this behavior is an attempt to control and harass and it doesn’t represent anything positive for a relationship.

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Today’s post stems from a lesson I learned the hard way.

So, I had brunch with my old bestie one weekend and it was what I needed. This is the reason that you need friends, they keep you sane and grounded.

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People who can’t communicate. Think everything is an argument.

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As Normal

We caught up

We caught up on life, as friends normally do if they have busy hectic lives. The topic of someone from my past came up, unfortunately. She’s like, have you hear from “you know who” and I said no. This is weird because, for someone who usually stays in touch with ex’s or people from their past, he’s pretty silent.

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She could tell

She could tell I was upset.

My friend was like “he’s avoiding you, because he treated you like shit”. Trust me guys, when I say shit, I mean it. On the good days, things were great, but when he was in the mood, guess who he took out on? Me. The sad thing is I don’t hate him, but I feel like I’m getting the silent treatment punishment for no reason. I sometimes question why isn’t he getting karma?

What They Say

But I think back to what she said. He was avoiding me out of guilt, which is evil. Someone you care about or who cares about you would be able to communicate, as an adult. Here’s what I pray happens. I pray he regrets his actions. I pray life gives him exactly what he deserves. I gave him benefit of the doubt too much.

People know when they are avoiding you, whether it is to manipulate you, or because they genuine do not know how to approach the topic. In the Bible, it says “love of many will grow cold.” Matthew 24:12. I was a victim of that.


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All I am going to say is, what I learned is that some people don’t value you, so you have to let them be. Don’t let them drain you. They burned the bridge. So continue to flurish. This goes for job, friends, lovers, and family.

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