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My Nighttime Routine

Good things come to those who remove their makeup before bed.

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Hey Loves How are you?

I’m hoping you had a lovely start to your week. I know Monday’s can be rough. I hope you found this post as you are trying to relax before bed.

Before I get started, I want you to click this video and take some deep breaths.

Sunset state of mind.

Now that you are beginning to relax. I wanted to share my nighttime routine with you. We all have our different methods that we do to end our day, that is okay. Everyone has their methods. Let’s get started!


The very first thing I do when I get home, is take a shower. I want to wash any germs that I may have brought home after working. Fun fact, no-one, including me, is allowed on my bed with outdoor clothes. I’ve always been like this. Probably because it was a rule in my house growing up, but I digress.


I am very big on skin. So, right after getting out of the shower, I make sure to put lotion or oils on.

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After, completely moisturizing my body, I light some candles and begin my skincare routine. You know, washing all the makeup off and putting oils on. For some reason, I do not like wearing make up for too long, it makes me sleepy. Which is something that I still do not understand.

I embrace the calmness of the night.


Once, I feel refreshed, I head to the kitchen to make and eat dinner. I guarantee that I am starving since I usually eat dinner around noon.


Furthermore, I like to check emails and make sure my blog post are lined up correctly! I want to make sure I am getting content out.

Hot Tea and yoga

I usually clean the kitchen and head upstairs to begin to relax. I don’t usually like to do too much “work” when I get home. furthermore, I like to do yoga after eating and working out.

Finishing up, I am done with the steps towards good health. I like to turn on a great movie or Youtube videos. Overall, I just want some entertainment. As I watch my show, I drink hot tea with honey. Until I fall asleep. If I have trouble falling asleep, I either listen to music, podcast, or watch calming Youtube videos.

Obviously, my weekends look different than my week days. it’s the little things that I look forward to after working all day. What about you guys? What do you look forward to after working all day? Let me know in the comments. Also, be sure to like, subscribe, comment and share. Check out my other post!

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