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Makeup Trends Over the Year that I have hated.

Hey loves and welcome back to Joi‘s journey of perception! It is not my intention to judge you in this post but simply to show you things I would never do again. This year, there have been many beauty trends happening in the makeup world. Quite a few of them have been inspired by TikTok! As a result, I have listed them below and maybe you will be able to utilize them. Let’s get started!

Futuristic Metallics

I don’t know. It just doesn’t do it for me. I can’t wear this anywhere and I feel like this has been done before.

Color Brows

I tried this and for the pictures it was cute, but I felt like that’s all everyone I encountered stared at them whole time.

Blue Eyeshadow

Now nothing against these ladies, but I don’t like blue eyeshadow. I am a neutral girl.

Lube as Makeup Primer 

Lately, TikTokers have been using Lube as a primer. When I wear makeup, I like it to feel like there is nothing on my face and I don’t like how the lube feels.

Skull Contour

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assorted cosmetic lot

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