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How to Know You’re in Love


If you’re in love, it’s easy to tell. You know it when you feel it, and if you’re not sure yet, there are ways to find out whether this person is right for your life. But what if you think you’re falling in love? How do we know if we’re actually feeling the real thing? Well… I’ll tell you! But first, if you are new here and like sister advice be sure to subscribe. I am always discussing topics such that trigger growth due to comments from different perspectives.

You feel accepted for who you are.

When you’re in love, you feel accepted for who you are. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else or hide your true feelings and desires. If a person doesn’t like the real you, then they’ll probably be able to tell by the way that they interact with each other. If they’re honest with each other, then there’s no need for pretense—because everything will just come out naturally!

There’s also the fact that you don’t feel like you have to put on a front or hide part of your personality.

You feel like you can be yourself around this person. Also, you don’t have to worry about hiding parts of your personality or putting on a front, because this partner understands and accepts who you are.

Know that they will not hold it against you if they find out something about yourself that others might not agree with—and they won’t judge anyone else’s opinion either!

They show support in every possible way; when things go wrong, they offer advice or suggestions for solutions so that everyone involved feels heard and understood.

You can enjoy doing nothing with this person.

One of the best signs that you’re in love is that you can enjoy doing nothing with this person. This can mean spending a day at home watching TV or taking a long walk together. It could also be as simple as eating dinner together and talking about your day, or going out to see a movie and then staying up late watching it again on Netflix.

It’s important to remember that not all “doing nothing” has to involve activities like going out for dinner or seeing movies together (though those are great too!). Sometimes all it takes is sharing an activity with someone else—like playing video games on your phone—and having fun doing so! If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our relationships over time, it’s that sometimes being around other people means being able to relax and just be yourself without worrying about what anyone else thinks about them (or themselves).

Your happiness depends on their unhappiness.

It’s important to understand that your happiness depends on theirs. If you’re feeling happy, then they must be too. When you’re sad, it means the same thing for them. Anger and worry are two sides of the same coin: They both make you feel bad about yourself, so if either of those feelings come up in your relationship with someone who matters to you (and not just because they gave birth to some new baby), then chances are good that there will be some kind of blowback from what happened earlier today.

The best way for all parties involved is for everyone involved (you included) not only know but also acknowledge this fact: You can’t control other people’s moods or thoughts; therefore, no matter how much we might try or wish otherwise—we cannot change their mindsets just by thinking differently ourselves!

You picture yourself growing older with this person.

You can picture yourself growing old together.

You think about your future together.

You can imagine how you will be together in the future.

You picture yourself growing old with them.

You can tolerate each other’s faults.

You can’t love someone unless you are able to accept their faults.

Think about the relationship between your parents and grandparents or any other family members that you know of. If someone has a bad habit, does that make them less worthy of your affection? Of course not! It just means they’re human too—and that’s what makes us all so special! We all have our flaws and foibles (I can personally attest to this), but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t love one another unconditionally.

You feel safe and secure in the relationship.

You feel safe and secure in the relationship.

When you’re in love, there’s a sense of safety that can’t be beaten. You feel like you can be yourself around them without worrying about what they’ll think when they meet your family and friends. There are no ulterior motives or hidden agendas; just pure love for one another, which makes it difficult to imagine being with anyone else ever again.

Your idea of infidelity involves doing something romantic with another person.

If you’re in love, and one of your partners is cheating on you with someone else (or multiple people), it doesn’t feel like cheating. You know that your partner isn’t thinking about other people when he’s with you. He’s just focusing on what’s happening between the two of you. Your idea of infidelity involves doing something romantic with another person. Whether it be kissing them or having sex—and being dishonest about it afterward. By pretending like nothing ever happened between those two people at all!

In fact, when we’re in love there is no room for cheating because our commitment isn’t just to each other but also to God and his plan for our lives together. Therefore any kind of relationship outside those boundaries would not only seem sinful but also betray our higher calling as Christians. Who live according to His word rather than manmade rules set down by society.”

You trust this person with your secrets and your emotions.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and it’s especially important in a romantic one. It is built on honesty and openness, so if you feel like someone is being deceptive or hiding things from you, it may be time to consider breaking up or at least taking a break from each other.

This also builds over time; if your partner has ever been honest with you about their feelings before (whether it was positive or negative), then they will likely continue doing so in the future without fail. If this isn’t the case—if they’ve kept secrets from others but not themselves—then there might be more problems than initially thought!

They make you want to be a better person, but not because they’re telling you to change anything about yourself.

You feel like you want to be a better person for them.

You’re not sure if this is because they’re telling you to change anything about yourself, or if it’s because they make you want to be a better person in general. In any case, when someone makes us want to be better people—even if it’s just for them—it means that we can’t help but become more selfless and generous with our time and energy.

a gold floral frame mirror
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You genuinely care about their likes and interests, not just yours.

You genuinely care about their likes and interests, not just yours.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your own interests with someone you love, but if they don’t have any of their own—or if they just like the same things as you—it can get a little stale. If your partner never wants to go out to eat or watch movies, it might be time for some new blood in the relationship.

If this sounds like something that interests them (and vice versa), then maybe this is just one step closer towards true love!

You don’t worry about what they’ll think when they meet your family and friends.

You don’t worry about what they’ll think when they meet your family and friends.

When you meet someone, it’s important to remember that the person you’re dating is not your family or any of your friends. They are just another person in the world who happens to share some commonalities with you. And maybe even have a few things in common with them as well! That being said, when introducing him/her to friends and family members, there are some things that should be kept in mind:

  • When meeting new people for the first time, try not to make assumptions about this person based on his/her appearance or mannerisms (although if someone seems like an awful person because of his/her appearance then he probably won’t last long anyway). Instead, focus on getting to know him/her as a whole person rather than judging based on superficial characteristics alone; otherwise what good will come out of this meeting?
  • Be respectful towards everyone involved; this includes children at home too! Treating everyone equally is one way we all can show respect towards each other.”

Just hearing the sound of their voice makes you happy.

Hearing the sound of their voice makes you happy.

The way they speak, the way it makes you feel, and how it makes you think about them: these are all things that make us feel good when we hear our lover’s voice. When we hear someone else’s voice, we often take in its tone and inflection. The way they say words can tell us a lot about their personality. The same goes for hearing our partner’s voice when they talk to us: if they’re excited or nervous or angry—or even just calm. We know immediately how they’re feeling at that moment and what kind of moods will likely follow later on down the line as well!

Knowing if you’re in love involves knowing your own feelings and knowing the other person’s feelings for you, too.

Knowing if you’re in love involves knowing your own feelings and knowing the other person’s feelings for you, too. The first part is pretty obvious: your heart has to be beating out of your chest when someone says or does something that makes them more attractive than any other person in you life. But what about the second part? How can you tell if someone loves you back?

There are three different types of love: lust, infatuation and friendship. Lust is a temporary state of mind where we forget everything else but want something badly enough that it becomes addictive. We tend to get attached quickly because our brains reward us with pleasure when they get what they want (sex). Infatuation can also involve intense feelings towards another person; however unlike lusty relationships here there isn’t necessarily physical attraction involved. You might be completely repulsed by this person but still have strong emotional connections with them nonetheless because those bonds have been built over time through shared experiences like going on vacation together or working together at work.”

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