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How anyone Can Be Manipulative

Hey loves, I am back with more from the book.

Manipulators come from all walks of life

not everyone is a narcissist, so don’t go diagnosing everyone you come in contact with. Just acknowledge the red flags.

There are people who will learn you. You as a person.

So they can use it against you in the future.

It is all a game.

Their gathering info like the evil person they are.

Narcissist egos are on a whole other level but it is weak.

They feel like they are God’s gift to this Earth.

Narcissist see people as items.

Once you can’t give them anything anymore, they through you away.

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How a narcissit presents themselves to you,

is not who they really are. They are wearing a mask. I promise you.

If you are lucky enough, you may get a glimpse of who they really are.

Usually, it’s a weak person and completely opposite of who they are presenting themselves as.

Once you see them for who they really are, they try to mess with your mind.

They didn’t mean for you to see that side of them. Trust me, someone from my past is not like how they present themselves on Instagram. He was emotionally manipulative.

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Types of Manipulators





Self Harmers


In the next post, I will explain what each one represents.

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