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Do you ever wonder if others have the same thoughts as you or questions? We are all trying to get through life without a map or the puzzle box for the puzzle pieces! So I thought you like to get other people‘s perceptions on their journey in life and take notes on how I can maneuver through life. You can always learn from someone’s experiences or mistakes!

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Get in tune

Hey loves and welcome back to Joi‘s journey of perception. I chose several topics and one today! Below you will find an interview of someone that I’m close to and considered a mentor! I asked her several questions that constantly run through my head because being in your 20s is very hard. She gave me some thoughtful advice and I wanted to share with you guys as well. So take a listen below take notes sit back and relax. Also if you aren’t already following top base you are really missing out! I have a link below where you can follow in as simple as 123.

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