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8 beauty products that are worth using

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. – Coco Chanel

Hey you guys!

Wellcome back to another Beauty Post! I wanted to post some of my favorite beauty products. I own so many, so it was tough to narrow this down to 5, but I will do my best!

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makeup brushes in black bucket
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Item Number 1

This first item is a face mask by Millie Bobbi Brown! It is a very cute but light charcoal mask. This product gets rid of all the impurities in your skin while leavingt a natural glow. I only use it once a week. It is a very cute metallic purple.

Item number 2

The second item is a perfume. I think everybody should have a signature scent, that matches them as a person. It could be light, fruity, spicy, and so much more. This is a scent that I have found myself to like.

Item number 3

The secret to help you keep healthy looking skin as you age, is a great skin care routine. That’s game killer SPF. You can tell a lot by someone’s age by the neck and back of their hands. You should be using SPF starting as young as a toddler.

Item number 4

I don’t know if you have not gotten the memo. But you should not be using make up wipes. They damage your skin and cause wrinkles. I like to take a cotton swab and this product to remove as much make up as possible before beginning my skin care routine. This is a very important item to have.

Item number 5

No, this is not a product that I use every day. I do, however use it every two weeks to make sure that my pores are clear. Having a clear and healthy canvas is necessary for you to have a nice clean make up look. You should always be taking care of your skin!

Item number 6

This is a hair product that I love. This product keeps my hair feeling healthy and moisturize. When I had braids I would use it anytime my hair would feel itchy. I use all of Mielles Products!

I am Enough

Item number 7

This is an exfoliating brush for the face. The brush is super soft, so do not worry about damage. This brush is by MaryKay. I promise it is an investment you should make!

Item number 8

Now this mirror, is not as clean as it should. But that is because I use it every day. This is a magnifying mirror that I got at alter. It has three light settings, and both sides of the mirror show different perspective of your face. It’s great for traveling. And if it’s not heart of

This items are not too expensive, so do not worry about spending hundreds of dollars. I promise that I will not break your bank. Let me know in the comments below, what is your favorite beauty product at the moment?

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