The Story isn’t over…

Your life is your story. Write well. Edit often.

We have now reached the last book of the four that I suggest for you. Obviously this post is coming out kind of late because I am going through something, but I can’t let it affect my life. I hope you all are doing okay. This will get better. We have now reached the last book, and I think that this is a great way to end this series.

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With all of the books, I have found a topic to focus on. There is always a lesson you can take from a book. Even if the book is for entertainment purposes. The lesson for this one, is about our life story. In the book, there was quote talking about your story doesn’t end when certain situations. It’s normal to feel that way. Trust me, I have felt this way many times. But then I move on and experience bigger and better things.

It’s your story, babe. Feel free to hit’s with a plot twist whenever you want.

In this book you are basically reading poetry that comes off as an apology to yourself. This book helps remind you that you do have a place on this earth and your story doesn’t end with one disappointment. There have been instances where I felt like my life is over because things didn’t end how I expected them to. And I didn’t know how to express myself when it came to the situations.

One of the poems that I really enjoyed and felt drawn to, helps remind you of who you are:

you are not a phase

you are not some trend

you are more than just something to do for the moment

more than a hobby

more than you may even know

you are more and you deserve more than what they’re willing to give you.

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And I find it funny how I came across this at a point where I was feeling like I was worthless. You know, different times in life seems to have that affect upon you. And I know I’m not alone on this emotion. Issues there are times when people treat you as if you’re worthless and it hinders you from remembering that you do have an important role to play into society.

As long as we’re breathing it’s not too late to change your story.

Okay, so call me weird, but I began writing my memoir early in life and every time I go through something tragic or even the fun experiences I think to myself like y’all this is going to be an amazing chapter in my book. And that’s how I need to start looking out on life. Everything that I’m going through, I’m gonna look back and be like I get it now. What we’re going through right now it’s just a piece closer to the happy ending that will get.

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This book goes further into how you should forgive yourself after a fail relationship (can be applied to any types of relationships). It reminds you that life goes on and you have the choice to learn from the situations and do better or sulk in the disappointment. This along with the other 3 are books that I would recommend to anyone my age, because sometimes we all need a little reminder that we are special.

You are chained to the past

it’s time to free yourself

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  1. Hey Joi, the memoir part you ain’t alone. I’m kinda writing mine too🤧😂😇. You have amazing content and I particularly liked this part, “as long as you are still breathing, you can change your story”. Keep writing ❤️

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