Say hello

What is your favorite type of weather?

There’s nothing like the Sun peeping through the gray clouds as it’s lightly raining and you hear this but a splatter on top of the roof. If you look outside the window, you see a rainbow beginning to form slowly as the raindrops trickle down side window.

You hear that last clap of thunder and see that last strike of lightning. And as you go to the window, you see a rain will be getting to perform slowly. The birds begin to chirp after their slumber doing the storm. you step outside to find a warm greeting you on the ground in the grass cover in dew. 

You taking a big breath, and you smell the freshness of spring. It smells clean with a percent of nature. Everything feels good like all of your troubles and problems were washed away in the storm. say hello to your new restart. say hello to Spring.

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