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Choosing a Dating Strategy that Attracts High-Quality Men 

What’s up guys! Welcome back to Joi’s Journey!

I’m here to help you attract the men you want

Is it possible that you are attracted to men who have superficial conversations with you or energy leeches? Would you describe yourself as dating the same men in a different body? We all know dating can be challenging and frustrating. But I know that there is someone for everyone. It is merely a question of stopping the peasants from sitting on our kings’ chairs.

Like I said in a previous post, I have been reading a book called Never Chase Men Again. Yiu can find the first post on it below:

High-Quality Men

These are the men of every womans desire

“When a man of quality is with you, he will be with you. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. He will focus his attention on you and never make you wonder whether or not he is fully invested in the conversation or your time together.” The goal of every woman is to attract a man of high quality. The question is how? This chapter gives us a few guidelines on how to go about this. Below, I’ll comment on a few topics and let you know if you found them helpful. As far as boundaries go, I know I have great ones. In order for me to reach my full potential, I must not be as available to those who use me. 

opened diary placed on table near mug and candle
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The author brought up the fact that high quality men are to find. So, the ones who fit that categorie hold themselves to aa high standard and expect the same from a woman.

Tip one: “Never be too accessible. Before a serious relationship develops, do not allow yourself to be too available to aman as men quickly tire of that which is easily obtained”

Now, I can attest to this one. No one and I mean no one likes this. I know that in the past that there were guys who I had to much access to in the beginning. It felt like they had nothing else going on in their life. It turned me off that the guy was begging for all my time. Seeing that I am an introvert AND extrovert, I needed my time. What’s easy to get is not even worth it. Take your body for an example: Hitting the gym and working hard for the body i want is much more rewarding than plastic surgery.

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Tip Two: “Be cautious in how you ‘keep in touch’ with a man.Do not dominate the initiations of contact if you want to keep his interests in you both elevated and unmistakable.”

I know in my young and naiive days, I was always the one to initiate the conversation and continue it as well. No wonder my back hurt so much. Let the ball be in his court sometime and let him put in work. He is the man. Men work hard to get the things they want. The times when I have not always reached out first have been my most successful.

Tip three: “Priotize Phone calls over Texting”

It is impossible to assess someone’s true emotions and tone from a text message. Additionally, it is easy to be lazy or distracted while texting. Require a man to call you. That is one thing I appreciate about the days before social media became popular. 

Tip 4: “Don’t be a flake.”

No one likes their time being wasted. Let me tell you! I would rather waste my money than my time. I can always get more money. Treat others time as you would want them to treat yours. Remember this when dating.

Tip Five: “Do not speak ill of your exes, especially if you’re just getting to know a guy.”

We know how annoying it can be to be on a date with someone and all they do is talk bad about their ex. You should be in a moment and speak postivly on the present and future. It makes you look bad if you speak bad on someone you once loved. Think of an interview, you wouln’t go in speaking bad on. a previous boss. Think of a date as such.

Moving on

Remember, the change starts with your behavior

Those are just a few examples. There are many more. You have to keep in mind that if you will attract so many people, but it’s who you entertain that matters. I will keep going on the next posts, so you want to make sure you are subscribed below.

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