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An Interview with a Friend

Hey loves and welcome back to Joi’s Journey of perception! This time we have an interview with someone close in age to us. I was looking for a different point of view on a few questions. Below you’ll find an interview that I did with her on her thoughts and ideas based on the place she is in life. Basically, I wanted to get a conversation going. But before you start reading, be sure you are subscribed!

Can Men and Women be just friends?

What’s the Real Meaning of friendship?

Loving a person for who they are no matter the moral or personality differences.

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What is the difference between romantic love and freiendship?

Romantic love requires a sexual desire for the other while friendship is pure love for who that person is.

How can you rebuild a friendship?

Deep conversations about why the two have distanced themselves and put yourself in your friends’ shoes.

What do you value most in a friendship?

A good listener

Do you think women are bad friends when in a relationship?

It depends on the woman.

three women sitting on white sofa holding glasses of wine
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What advice would you give to someone (a friend) in a toxic relationship?

Take a step back from the relationship and decide if either is benefitting from the relationship. It is ultimately up to the persons in the relationship but you can assure that you’re there for them.

WHat difference do you notice in friendships with male vs. female?

Males are boring lol

What are signs of a toxic friendship?

  • Manic behavior when they’re together
  • Bad talking each other behind backs
  • a need to destress after hanging out

What are signs of a toxic relationship?

  • Constant fighting
  • stressing others around other couples
  • bad talkibg about eachother
  • physical/mental abuse
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Why do you think peoples stop believeing in love?

They’ve had one too many bad experiences with the wrong people

Have you ever self-sabotaged in a relationship?


What are three reasons you think alot of friendships end?

  • Stubborness
  • Distance (mileage)
  • Moral dilemmas

Difference Between

True love: Loving them based on their flaws

Infatuation: More about the idea of being loved; lustful

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Why do you think people want who they can’t have?

People love the rush of the chase

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